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How To Reset a Samsung TV To Factory Settings

Samsung tv reset guide

If you are having problems with your Samsung television, the first thing to consider is performing a factory reset. This is because there could be an issue with the firmware that is installed onto the PCB on the tv. Sometimes it can be become corrupt due to not waiting for the tv to switch off before unplugging it from the mains. Resetting your Samsung tv to factory settings will also factory reset all the settings that have you changed such as the brightness levels and audio configuration. Before contacting your provider for assistance on why your Samsung tv is not working, its advisable to carry out a factory reset on your Samsung TV.

1) Open the settings menu on the screen while the TV is powered on.

2) Enter the 'Support' Section in the main menu.

3) Enter 'Self Diagnosis' followed by 'Reset'.

4) Now if it asks for a security pin code enter '0000' and select yes.

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