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How To Stop a Manual Transmission Car Without Stalling The Engine

If you are keeping stalling your car during busy traffic on a regular basis, the people that are driving their cars who are seeing you stalling your car will laugh at you, this is not good. So you are probably wondering how to stop you from from stalling the your car, so I am going to explain why and how to stop a car without stalling it. 

The reason why your car will stall is because of your bad manual driving techniques, usually it happens because the engine is not getting enough gas, when the gears are being shifted. The second reason why stalling a car can occur is if you press down on the brake pedal and not remember to press down the clutch.

To prevent you stalling the car engine, make sure you turn off any loud music because that can reduce the amount of concentration you have on the car. Loud music can distract you and make your mind forget about braking and pressing the clutch at the same time. Once you think you’re good to drive, with the music off, when you are coming up on the clutch, you will need to press extra down on the gas pedal, to give it more gas, as it is likely that you are stalling your car because there is not enough gas given to the engine. I suggest you start practicing off road, such as an empty car park, as many people will fail to not stall their car on their first attempt on the real road. 

Also remember that when you want to stop your car, press down the brake and also press down the clutch, to prevent the car to stall when stopped. If you break, but don't press down the clutch pedal at the same time, the car will stall. It is not rocket science to control the clutch, brake and gas correctly, you just need to practice and get the hang of the correct timings on when to bring the clutch up, get a hang of how much gas is required and braking while depress the clutch.

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