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How To Make a Car Engine Sound Quieter

Is your car is annoying because it sounds loud, then I have the solutions to help you make your car sound more quieter that you can try out below:

1)If you want to make your car’s engine run quieter, the engine might need some oil.  To find out if the oil in the car’s engine needs replacing, simply check the oil dipstick. If the oil dipstick looks black, then the oil in the engine is not in good condition, which can make your car’s engine sound noisy and embarrassing, which will need replacing. If you car needs oil in the engine, on the dashboard cluster an oil light should also light up, this is to inform you that the car needs oil. When buying engine oil for your car’s engine, make sure it is the correct type of oil, as inserting incorrect oil into the engine could cause damaged to it. When you do an oil change on your car, make sure you also change the oil filter, to give it a proper service and to keep the engine well a maintained for the road.

2)Also make sure the spark plugs are not bad because if they are, they can cause loud noises to occur to the car’s engine. Remove all the spark plugs from your car’s engine, examine them carefully during daylight, do they look worn out? If they do look like that, then replacing them will help towards making your car’s engine run much quieter.

3)Remove all the aftermarket parts from your car the ones that create noise, such as an aftermarket parts like a cold air intake, a blow off valve or a loud performance exhaust system and replacing all three aftermarket parts with stock parts. If you do so, your car will sound and run much quieter because aftermarket parts help your car engine and exhaust sound louder.

4)If you car engine has noisy tappets, then I suggest you buy an excellent product called ‘Wyns Hydraulic Valve Lifter Treatment’. This product will help loosen up noisy tappets and reduce the loud noises they produce. This product can be purchased at your local car shop or from Ebay.

5)Decrease the amount of boost is going to make the turbo charger make a reduction of hearing the whistling noise, when the turbo spools up and down.

6)Make sure the radiator grill inside your car is not damaged, if you see the metal grill on the radiator is crumbly, then the radiator fan will constantly turn on and off because the radiator is damaged and is overheating more than it normal should, from normal use. So replace the radiator with a brand new one and it will help towards making the car engine run quietly.
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  1. here i ask you sir that if we are far from the pump station or car work shop and our car engine oil may end or in bad condition but that time we have no access to reach the pump station or workshop in that situation.what we have to do?have we stop the car?as we change the oil...


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