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How To Update a TomTom GPS Sat Nav For Free

If you have a TomTom gps satellite navigation system, chances are it is probably not running the latest software version and latest maps. If you own a TomTom sat nav, updating it to the latest software version will allow your TomTom to be more reliable, as the update can include fixed bugs and recent road layout changes.

Instructions On How To Update Your TomTom Sat Nav:

1)If you don't already have the TomTom software CD installed onto your computer, then you would need to install it. Once installed, launch the TomTom home software, which can be launched by double clicking the TomTom desktop icon.

2)Using the the TomTom PC docking station, connect your TomTom sat nav to your computer. If you don't have a PC docking station, you can use a mini usb cable, as most TomTom sat nav's use that type of cable to make a connection with a computer.

3)Look at the top of the TomTom home software, you will see a gray icon that says "Update my device", once found click on the icon. Clicking the icon will begin the updating process and computer will connect to the TomTom server, using your internet connection to see if there is any available updates to enhance the performance and reliability of your sat nav.

4)If there is any available software updates for your TomTom, they will show up on the screen and then click "Update and Install". The TomTom home software will automatically download the updates your sat nav requires and also installs them automatically.

5)When the TomTom is finished updating, simply remove the TomTom from the PC docking station.

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