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How To Hard Reset a Nokia N95 Without Using a Code

If you want to hard reset your Nokia n95, the instructions provided below explain how:

(Just to let you know that the instructions provided below are not for a soft reset, it is for a hard reset, which means everything that is currently on your mobile phone before resetting will be removed when the hard reset is carried out.)


1)If your mobile phone is powered on, switch it off by holding the power button for 5 seconds.

2)Once the Nokia n95 is turned off, hold the following: * + # + the green call key + the power button. Keep holding these buttons for 6 seconds, so the Nokia n95 can confirm the hard reset.

3)Once the hard reset is applied, the mobile phone will reboot. Once it has rebooted, a menu will come up instructing you to enter the correct time and date. Once you have entered them, you mobile phone is successfully reset

(This hard reset method work for both the Normal silver Nokia n95 and the black 8GB.)
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