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10 Simple ways:How to get better sleep

Many people ask there self's how can i get to sleep? Or how do i get to sleep in less time?These 9 ways will make sure you go to sleep if followed correctly:

1)Have a hot shower turn up the hotness on the water control and make sure it is hotter than normal but not to hot!.Having a hot shower will make you more relaxed if you had a stressed out day and warm warter makes all your stressed out muscles relaxed

2)Stop drinking high caffeine drinks before you hit 6 o'clock.These type of drinks are not recommended if our trying to get some quality and decent sleep.Some example of high caffeine drink are coke,fanta and energy drinks like nos and red bull.Energy drinks are full of sugar and caffeine that can mess up you sleep pattern.So if you want to go sleep on time then instead of a drinking a drink with tones of caffeine instead drink a glass of water.

3)Get a mp3 player or some sort of music device with some peace music loaded on to it.There are many free peaceful music downloads available on the web,choose a music that makes you relaxed.Listening to these types of music helps your brain to shut down and pack up for the night.Please do not listen to bassline,rock and rap,as these will have banging beats and will keep your brain running.You can try to listen to some boring classical music on the radio as this will make you eventually fall asleep because your brain finds it such boring.Make sure you have some nice comfortable and soft pair headphones,that fit snug on your ears,so you don't get disturbed when you are sleeping.

4)Upgrade your stock pillows to some think that has more comfort and durability.You should change you pillow at least every 3 months to keep hygiene to a standard.Some people forget about changing flat and dead pillows.Using a flat pillow makes your head think its not resting on a good pillow,and your head needs some comfort to get good quality sleep in other words you could stay awake all night if you have a uncomfortable pillow.

5)Take all your things out of your room that can distract your mind,like computers,Televisions and game consoles can distract you might off sleep.These are the most common things that keeps the mind focused off sleeping.If your remove all these then your brain will have nothing more to focus on besides getting you to sleep trust me it does work.

6)Turn your mobile phone to silent.Interruption phones calls and texts messages are know to mess your sleep pattern up.Turning it to silent,means that you are less likely to get disturbed. 

7)Sometimes you make think you want to go to bed,but your brain thinks the opposite and wants to stay awake.So what i suggest you do is make you and your brain tried.Pick some dumb bells up if you have got a gym,or to do something active like some sit ups until your are exhausted.Go back to bed and try again to go sleep you should be flopped out in no time!

8)Keep the central heating on,its makes your more relaxed due to the atmosphere being warm.Don't worry leaving the heating on in the night is cheaper because of the cheaper rates and demand.

9)Drink a glass of warn milk 10 minutes before you are preparing to go to bed.Some people say that it puts your mind to rest some says it just a myth going around in circles.

10)Well if nothing else works then buy some strong sleeping tablets,but its always best to see your gp before your get hold of some.Yes they do put you to sleep,but on the down side our body can get addictive to them and you may become reliant on them for all your live.But if you have no choice and you can't get no sleep then that is the only way to get around it.

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